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Space Policy

This anti-business piece is sort of a mess:

Indeed, legislation has been proposed in Congress since the UAG was formed that promotes the Council’s professed goals of expedition, streamlining, and commercial dominance, and it enjoys bipartisan support from lawmakers representing “states and districts where aerospace technology plays a significant role in the local economy,” according to an analysis from Daily Kos. This shared financial interest has brought together far-right, anti-science legislators like Ted Cruz and Lamar Smith in co-sponsorship with Democrats from states with aerospace-heavy economies. [Emphasis mine]

The premise is that space is supposed to be about science, but that has never been true. And as Mark Whittington pointed out on Twitter, it wasn’t Ted Cruz or Lamar Smith who were running ads blasting their opponents for supporting a mission to Europa.

The Covington “Scandal”

Thoughts from Neo.

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More from Treacher.

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Mark Steyn: The drumbeat of the mob.

[Update a few minutes later]

Robby Soave has viewed all of the video, and discovered who the real (ignorant) racist is:

The Native American man says, “Go back to Europe where you came from. This is not your land, you have been here two, three generations compared to us. We’ve been here a million fucking years.” The MAGA teen responds, “That’s not true. Let’s go all the way back to Africa,” and proceeds to tell the story of the land bridge that once connected Asia to North America, which allowed humans to settle these lands some thousands of years ago. (His opponent counters that this a “bullshit theory.”)

Keep in mind, the teen saying that all human beings originally came from Africa is a member of the group of young people initially described by countless pundits as obviously, undeniably racist.

Leftists have to have had their sense of irony excised at birth.

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The 48-hour rule. Maybe it should be 72.


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What’s happening to those kids is vile.

It is. I was just listening to Glenn Beck on the way back dropping Patricia off at the bus stop. He was playing the audio of the horrific things that the “black Israelites” (or whatever the hell those monsters are) were saying about killing white people and raping women and making them their concubines, that no one in the media seems to think is a big deal. He made the point that Social Justice Warriors don’t give a damn about justice. They’re Social Vengeance Warriors.

[Update a while later]

Lawyer for Covington Catholic gives the media a 48-hour ultimatum.

And “Dear Covington boys: Everyone failed you.” Well, not everyone, but most.

Plus, Ross Douthat debates Ross Douthat.

The Stainless-Steel Starship

Elon explains.

I would note, though, that the idea of transpiration cooling has been around for a long time. It’s just never been implemented. But I guess what he’s saying has never been proposed before is the structure also serving as heat shield.

[Update a while later]

New Glenn has been redesigned. Looks like the upper stage is expendable.

Looks like they were inspired in part by Falcon 9. It’s interesting that we’re starting to see spacecraft designs converging, as aircraft designs did in the thirties.