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The Farmer’s Walk

This is the first time I’ve heard of this. When I had my physical last week, the doctor commented that I seemed pretty strong (for my age, anyway), but to the degree I am, it’s from normal physical activity (I carried a lot of heavy loads last year renovating the house in Florida: cement, flooring, etc.), not deliberate workouts. I should try this.

Statin-Induced Diabetes

What is the scope of the problem?

I had my first real physical in years last week. My cholesterol was normal (for me): 140+, with a good ratio and very low tri-glycerides. But per the guidelines he wanted to put me on statins. I not only refused, but told him that not only would they not help with my situation (per the Pfizer web site, which he’s probably never actually read) but that I also thought they are vastly overprescribed, when diet is much more effective. He was surprised on both counts.

Free-Market Meat

Some thoughts on the tradeoffs with animal cruelty. I would love to get pork in a cruelty-free way, and I’d vastly prefer factory-manufactured steak and bacon, if it was indistinguishable in every way from that obtained by killing cattle and pigs.

[Update a while later]

This seems related, somehow: Vegan “pork” rinds.

I disagree with this, though:

Apparently, the gourmands have discovered pork rinds. Yes, the deep-fried, not at all good for you, salt-laden, very high fat, treat found rarely if ever outside the US South or (as chicharones) where there is a sizeable Mexican consumer pool.

They’re actually quite keto, because low carb (close to zero). There’s nothing wrong with high fat, as long as it’s not seed oils.

Eating Healthy

Yes, it’s possible to do it on a budget. The problem with this is that the USDA guidelines are terrible:

The menus offered a variety of food, didn’t have processed foods, were affordable and didn’t require always require cooking to prepare. Each menu also had manageable portions of food without high fat or salt content.

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with high fat or salt content, as long as the fat isn’t seed oils.